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 Please let me know what you think of this website. Are there things you'd like to see that I've so far failed to include? Is any of the information incorrect? Whether you like the site or not, just a few words to let me know your thoughts would be welcome. Any information pertaining to the Suffolks of the world will always be gratefully received. If you would like to become a Planet Suffolk member & receive my occasional newsletter, click on 'Sign In' below. It only takes a few seconds & it's free!

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3:44 PM on August 22, 2017 

The site is very educational to me.  I reside in Pembroke Pines Century Village, Plymouth comminty. I would enjoy the newsletter.

Reply Steve
12:22 PM on July 21, 2017 

Hi Anne

Thank you for taking the time to post in the Guestbook. It's a mystery to me why so few people leave comments there, especially as the Guestbook is one of the most visited page on the whole site!

Yes the site is very much still active, and I'm updating various sections and pages as and when new information becomes available.

Glad you enjoy the site so much. If you have any photographs of Suffolk PEI, please send them to this email address and I'll upload them to the site (with appropriate credits)

Once again, thanks for your kind words.



Reply Anne Mazer
9:35 AM on July 21, 2017 

Hello again..I should have said more!

I am enjoying this site so much! We have lived in Suffolk PEI since 1977 (renting various homes until we bought land and built our own in 1979) and have been doing research into the area off and on since then.

And back at it now for this reason. We live on the homestead of Noah Harper (son of Roger, one of the original settlers from Suffolk Eng.) We love this piece of land, and the community. When we bought the land the orignial house was still "sort of standing" and I spent a lot of time exploring the old site. Over the years the house fell in. We have saved bits and pieces of it, including several boards. From those boards we have made some beautiful tables for my husband and me, our 3 children and our grandson. It feels very special to have these wonderful pieces of Suffolk history. I believe the wood is hemlock from original growth trees cut on this property. I am trying to confirm this and that question has lead me to finding out all kinds of other information! This site has been the very best! And I thank you for all of your careful research.

I see there have not been many entries in the guest book for a while. I hope someone will see this one!

Cheers from,

Anne in Suffolk, PEI

Reply Anne Mazer
9:11 AM on July 21, 2017 

Hello Ken,

I live in Suffolk PEI and am looking for inforamtion about the original pioneers. I would love to know more about William Goldsmith.

Reply John William McCance
6:14 PM on August 13, 2016 
Very interesting and informative. Would love to know if there is a coat of arms associated with house/McCance name. I have found one but it is black and white and I'm unsure of its authenticity and what the colors should be. Thanks for establishing the site.
Reply mike greatbatch
4:17 AM on April 9, 2016 

very helpful to drift in & out for information

Reply mike greatbatch
4:17 AM on April 9, 2016 

very helpful to drift in & out for information

Reply Anita DeMent
1:16 PM on January 13, 2016 

My family traced my ancestory back to and old gentleman who use to own Suffolk Uk.  The banks of London stole all of his money.  It was 8 generations ago.

Reply Michael Dwayne Hamilton
7:50 PM on January 2, 2016 

Very interesting article. I have traced my ancestry to King Wuffa of East Anglia.

Reply Ken Goldsmith
8:06 AM on December 13, 2014 

Thank you for developing this wonderful web page.  My 4 great grandfather was William Goldsmith, whom you've mentioned as one of the original Suffolks to arrive on PEI.  The Goldsmith family has spread across Canada and the US since then, and I suppose they just ran out of real estate, finally settling on Vancouver Island (my home now).  William was married to Frances Honor Palmer.  If anyone has information on William and Frances's  ancestry in Sulfok England - that would fill in a lot a gaps in my tree.   I've hit a bit of a brick wall investigating across the pond.   Best Regads,  Ken Goldsmith.